Monday, 1 November 2010

Giveaway Winners


Congrats To SamiSpoon for winning!! We will be emailing you shortly

Thank you for entering everyone!

So were back at art college now and to be honest it has been fabulous and a real soul searching thing too!  Me and Clairey have looked out our selves and had made a decision not to do gyaru anymore, We Love gyaru as a fashion and a lifestyle and really respect and admire it, But times have changed for me and Clairey and we would love to thank Everyone that commented on our blog Helped us with gyaru and general Life and I would love to thank the gal circle Hibiscgyaru and gal circle Delight as well you have really helped us and accepted us!

We have made so many new friends and I would Like to thank everyone again for commenting  and helping us. We will not be blogging on here anymore but will leave it up to not break any links.

Keep being Gal or whatever you want to be xx!!!


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