Sunday, 26 September 2010

Art collage is…

Very time consuming! >_<


Hi gals!

Ami and Clairey here! Sorry for the absence we shall explain~

Well Clairey is doing Art and Design level 1 and though it may seem an easier level it isn’t, you get just as much work but it’s still a lot of fun ♥ I’ve met some nice new people on the course and a nice new guy haha… It’s been kinda tough on me as I've been out of education for a long while due to personal probs. I’m getting a lot of homework to do so I not paying much attention to other things, sorry! >_<

Meanwhile Ami is doing textiles, fine art, contextual (essays on the history of art etc) and techniques and processes which keeps me mega busy >.<!! I’ve met the high fashionista’s in my class and some nice people too LOL! I’m also learning loads about myself and my skills in textiles and I love how free-flowing everything is in Art college!

So you still got a giveaway (should be next post), interviews and more of our personal life to look forward too!

However we wont be posting galspiration twice a week, cause it just wasn’t working well and we can’t do it anymore due to collage.

Hopefully we’ll post twice a week and we also gonna make this blog a bit more personal cause our lives are getting rather interesting haha :)


Ami and Clairey xxx


Reyna♥ said...

Can't wait for the upcoming posts! (:

Pony said...

I loved galspiration, but it's okay. :3
Good luck at school~ I have a lot of schoolwork too. x-x

さらまり said...

I know exactly what you mean, I don't have art college but my uni is taking up my time too ><

Tori said...

Awe, good luck with school bbs & don't work too hard! ♥

Thanh Thao said...

Ahh, don't work too hard! Take some good rests as well! And I'm so much looking forward to your upcoming posts! :-))

Loves, TT

Koneko said...

The girls are back! I was wondering where you'd got to!

Oh no! Galspiration was ace! School is always so bloody demanding, I swear it's easier for you guys than it was for me lol!

Naka said...

welcome back ^^ keep up with the good work for school ^^

Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

Yay! Welcome back girls, it's so awesome to see you again! Keep up the awesome work at school and can't wait for further posts! <3


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