Monday, 1 November 2010

Giveaway Winners


Congrats To SamiSpoon for winning!! We will be emailing you shortly

Thank you for entering everyone!

So were back at art college now and to be honest it has been fabulous and a real soul searching thing too!  Me and Clairey have looked out our selves and had made a decision not to do gyaru anymore, We Love gyaru as a fashion and a lifestyle and really respect and admire it, But times have changed for me and Clairey and we would love to thank Everyone that commented on our blog Helped us with gyaru and general Life and I would love to thank the gal circle Hibiscgyaru and gal circle Delight as well you have really helped us and accepted us!

We have made so many new friends and I would Like to thank everyone again for commenting  and helping us. We will not be blogging on here anymore but will leave it up to not break any links.

Keep being Gal or whatever you want to be xx!!!

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Giveaway Time! Kogal and Autumn Inspired"



Giveaway time haha :) Soo we having a giveaway to celebrate me and Twinny merging our blogs together and also the 50+ followers.

It’s kogal and Autumn themed and we think you’ll love it, anyway onto the prizes ♥


DSCF2109 DSCF2110

Prizes are:

Fur hat (fake fur)

Red Apple bag from Tokyo panda

Japanese figure rubbers

Hello Kitty stickers

Cute pink stickers

Angel piggy phone charm

Cheetah print heart nails

Metallic brown nail polish


UK only (unfortunately sorry guys >.<)

Must be a Public Follower

How to Enter:

Compulsery entry:
Leave a comment on the blog saying what you like about O.S.G please leave you name and email. +1

Additonal entrys:
Tweet about giveaway and show link.+1
Blog about giveaway and show link. +2

For each entry post a comment (so 1 for compulsory and then addentiol entries in their own single comments)

End Date : 31st October!

Good luck and remember to leave proof and details ^^

Clairey Ami xxx

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Art collage is…

Very time consuming! >_<


Hi gals!

Ami and Clairey here! Sorry for the absence we shall explain~

Well Clairey is doing Art and Design level 1 and though it may seem an easier level it isn’t, you get just as much work but it’s still a lot of fun ♥ I’ve met some nice new people on the course and a nice new guy haha… It’s been kinda tough on me as I've been out of education for a long while due to personal probs. I’m getting a lot of homework to do so I not paying much attention to other things, sorry! >_<

Meanwhile Ami is doing textiles, fine art, contextual (essays on the history of art etc) and techniques and processes which keeps me mega busy >.<!! I’ve met the high fashionista’s in my class and some nice people too LOL! I’m also learning loads about myself and my skills in textiles and I love how free-flowing everything is in Art college!

So you still got a giveaway (should be next post), interviews and more of our personal life to look forward too!

However we wont be posting galspiration twice a week, cause it just wasn’t working well and we can’t do it anymore due to collage.

Hopefully we’ll post twice a week and we also gonna make this blog a bit more personal cause our lives are getting rather interesting haha :)


Ami and Clairey xxx

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Galspiration 10#

Hi gals! here is your Wednesday dosage of Galspiration By Ami! Galspiration is Gal inspiration! Click Here for past Galspiration!


Hey gals this Wednesdays' galspiration is on bowler hats! A fall trend that was seen a lot in Gilfy! the leopard bowler hat looks so fun to wear!  My favourite co-ord is  the second picture.

Ami xx

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Galspiration 9#

This is your Sunday dose of galspiration by Clairey! Galspiration is basically gyaru inspiration ♥ If you want to look at previous galspiration posts click here!





Okay girlies, this post may seem kind of random but I think you’ll understand. So for fall fashion as well as the knits and fur in (which was covered by Ami) I think there is a good gal and bad gal image too. Like the good gal’s being more stylish and cute and the bad girls with the denim skirts and leather jackets.

I love it!

Clairey xxx

Friday, 3 September 2010

Collage Looks…

Hello my beautiful people,

It’s Clairey here, hope your all having a great day ♥



Collage is starting soon for us and were both scared and excited. Were doing different courses too. Looks like I’m going to have to get used to not being with twinny.

We’ll be going to an art collage in our area, we enrolled yesterday. I wish I took some pictures, there was loads of art everywhere!

Me and Ami both went for a rokku kei look, but I looked kind of emo. I guess now with my hair purple I’m going to have to work extra hard! I’m thinking about getting a spray tan, but I’ve never had one before.














Wow I look so huge there D: well I am 6ft haha ♥

That’s it for now, but we will be having a giveaway soon! Got some real cute things! Including gyaru nails!

Clairey xxx

If you have any make up tut scans, please tell me ♥

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Galspiration 8#

Hi gals! here is your Wednesday dosage of Galspiration By Ami! Galspiration is Gal inspiration! Click Here for past Galspiration!




(via yeahyeahfreaks)

(via airanooukyuu)



Egg 2010/09



Kumicky x Ruvap

I just love rokku-kei and found these pictures so inspiring! I like the whole rock band style look in the 1st and 3rd picture! My favourite piece from this post is the tutuHA skirt in the 3rd picture on the far left.  I was suprised how cute rokku-kei can be with the last picture, love it!
Ami x

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Galspiration 7#

Hey girlies!

This is your Sunday dose of galspiration by Clairey! Galspiration is basically gyaru inspiration ♥ If you want to look at previous galspiration posts click here!




(via ohyeahgyaru)


(via ohyeahgyaru)
the hairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr @_@

(via ohyeahgyaru)

Ok, so this post is kind of personal to me (sorry guys, I’m selfish :D) but hopefully it helps all of you too! So crazy hair colours have become more popular in gyaru recently and I myself have been wanting to dye my hair purple but was worried if it seemed “emo” or whatever.

Can anyone tell me who this model is? x

Love Clairey

This is a scheduled post.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Galspiration 6#!

Hi gals! here is your Wednesday dosage of Galspiration By Ami! Galspiration is Gal inspiration! Click Here for past Galspiration!

(via agehabarbiedoll)



(via agehabarbiedoll)

(via ohyeahgyaru)

This Galspiration post is based on the winter/fall trend with the knits the fur and the Nordic print. I have fell in love with the fur boots and cute fur accessories!!  Love Ami x

This post is a scheduled post.

Sunday, 22 August 2010


Hey my gorgeous peoples!

Oh so glams has reopened!

Finally after a while of being away from blogging I have returned and with a whole new parade with me!

If you read my tweets you might have knew I had planned big things for my blog and I can finally reveal some of them!

  • My lovely Twinny is merging her blog with mine! So you’ll have double the fun on here hopefully, haha ♥
  • My weekly feature Galspiration shall be posted twice a week! I shall be posting on Sundays while twinny shall post on Wednesdays!
  • I have some big interviews planned with western gyaru idols ♥

That’s all I can reveal so far, oh and how can I forget, we will soon be doing an opening giveaway after we go on holiday (2 days!)

We have made some tweaks to the layout, we have a new banner now. Thank you Naka for drawing me and Twinny ♥ Ami coloured it in whilst i did the other graphics~

Now to comment on your lovely blogs.


Clairey xxx

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Sorry! >_<



I’m really sorry for not updating  my blog in a long while or commenting on your cute blogs! I’ve been having a lot of personal problems recently and thought that I shouldn’t shower my blog with all my woe’s and problems. This is a cute blog ♥

I know I’ve missed out on my galspiration posts and I’m sorry! Oh, and yes I am going to be doing them twice a week now.

This isn’t marking my full return yet, I shall be returning soon but I thought I could give you a little update, I have went back to brown (for hair) and it looks like I have some blonde highlights cute~! And I’m learning Japanese from a DS game. It’s a kids game but I am beginning!

Oh and I’ve heard the leading UK’s gal circle Hib has stopped. It’s so sad, your all amazing girls and I’ve learnt much from you. Even though we met up once you were all awesome and friendly! Thank you!!!

I’ll try get round to everyone’s blog and leave a little love ♥


Thursday, 15 July 2010

Music love and more…

Hey girlies,

Sorry for not posting sooner just been a very stressful week. Mum and Dad have been gone away, stressful things with collage and also I started using Clearasil a spot removing brand. It was a facial wash and I had been using it correctly twice a day etc and I have a break out of spots… WTH!!!! >_< should of kept to simple brand clairey… *weird ghost noises*  Floating_Ghost_by_Einnod

Anyway, this is kinda going to be a long post cause I’ve got a lot to mention now. But on to the main bit.


I saw this post by one of the bloggers I follow so I though I’d copy it. (If you are that blogger just comment and I’ll credit you!) I thought it will be fun for me to show you songs I love right now and maybe you can suggest some too!

Ellie Goulding – Guns and Horses

I’m loving this girl at the moment! I’m actually listening to her whilst I blog.  Give it a try you might like it ♥

Wonder girls – So Hot.

I seriously don’t know why it took me so long to find Wonder Girls, I like them so far. Can you suggest any songs?


Wow, I have gotten even more followers, thank you so much! I’ve looked at the poll results so far (top left corner) and those who have voted so far all want me to post Galspiration two times a week, but I’m afraid that Galspiration will just take over my blog completely!

I’ll leave the poll up for another week and then make a decision. I don’t actually think I’ve done a proper introduction post. (I know there’s the little about me section on the right but its not that much) so it shall be on my blogging list!

Well I think that’s it…

Tell me what music your loving at the moment ♥



Sunday, 11 July 2010

Galspiration 5#

Galspiration is a weekly feature on my blog (every Sunday) where I pick my favourite gyaru pictures of this week for yours and mine inspiration.

Ahh! I have got some more new followers this week, thank you so much! ♥





 This weeks galspiration is from a new range of clothing at Shibuya 109. I believe the model is Kumicky.

This to me is what gyaru is fun, cute and sexy! I totally adore the jacket in the 2nd pic!

Please may you leave comments in ways I can improve galspiration posts or even my blog cause I really want you all to enjoy it!

Clairey xxx

p.s you can see more gyaru pics in my tumblr!

Friday, 9 July 2010

Oh So Glams Tumblr

Hi girlies,

Just a small post to say I know have Tumblr.

If any of you have tumblr leave the link or follow me :)

I’m still getting used to it….

Clairey xxx

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Summer Project – Body and Collage

Hello lovelies,

I totally forgot about this post! Sorry about that…

So for people who have no idea what this is about for this summer I’ve decided to do a summer project. A transformation lets say. I talked about my goal to become more gyaru here…


My two other goals are body and collage.

I really want to get toned and in shape! But I just don’t want it to just be a bikini body for summer, I want to be fit all year round. Right now I do crunches, sit ups and these 5 minute workouts with Tammy. There really good, each video targets a specific area of your body, and each video is 5 minutes. You can just fit them in around the day and there not over complicated or anything. You just need water, a mat/towel and sometimes another prop like a chair or something. But she explains it all. I have been doing it every couple of days (she suggests you do so) for the last couple of weeks and I am seeing results! My tummy is getting more toned and I’m also finding the exercises more easy to do!

Click here for the playlist!

Now collage is a more personal one. Some of you may know I suffer from depression. I was bullied in school and what not. But I want to keep the past in the past and move on with my life! I’m going to art collage, a great new start! And no one from my school is going, expect from twinny. It is going to be bit of a challenge for me as I haven’t been in school for a very long time (I was kept off) so I’m going to have to get used to the people, the busyness and everything. But hopefully my other goals (body and gyaru) will give me more confidence to go up and talk to people and make new friends.


Well that’s really it for my goals, other then having fun and all. I’m in a blogging mood so I might schedule some posts…

So how was your day?

Clairey xxx

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Galspiration 4#

Another addition of my weekly feature of galspiration. It’s a collection of gyaru picture for inspiration. For this week I’m doing a mix match of pictures.

I’ve also re dyed my hair blonde to even it out more. It good.


hair I just love Yumachi’s new hair!

eyesI love these false lashes, I’ve ordered some just like them. 

outfitOutfit inspiration, I so want the dungaree shorts!

Well that’s it for this week. If anyone knows any high street shops that have done the short dungaree’s.

Clairey xxx

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Summer Lovin~


Recently we’ve been having such a blast with friends. We’ve been trying to go out as much as possible, and keeping a blog helps me remember these summer moments.

So the first outing we went out with some school friends, fellow blogger Naka and friend Lee. We went out shopping, eating fish and chips, going on the beach and then hanging out watch Naka doing some awesome DDR!

Here’s some photos, (oh, I’m using my purikura kits in Photoshop btw, more fun!)

m1 make up pic

m1 group pic Sorry, was pulling a funny face.

Then a couple of day’s after that we had a wii night with friends, that didn’t go as planed but oh well, at least I got to see my friends…

m2 make up Yay, just managed to do False lashes

m2 twin

My camera died later on. In the last two pics my photoshop started playing up so the brushes aren’t so good :c

You can see me and Twinny have far to go to get to twin gal.


I just ordered 40 false lashes for £3.70 off eBay, some people have mixed views about eBay lashes but I couldn’t resist the price. When I get them (being shipped from Hong Kong) I’ll do a review.

This is the preview picture.


Well anyway that’s it for now!

Clairey xxx


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