Thursday, 1 July 2010

Summer Lovin~


Recently we’ve been having such a blast with friends. We’ve been trying to go out as much as possible, and keeping a blog helps me remember these summer moments.

So the first outing we went out with some school friends, fellow blogger Naka and friend Lee. We went out shopping, eating fish and chips, going on the beach and then hanging out watch Naka doing some awesome DDR!

Here’s some photos, (oh, I’m using my purikura kits in Photoshop btw, more fun!)

m1 make up pic

m1 group pic Sorry, was pulling a funny face.

Then a couple of day’s after that we had a wii night with friends, that didn’t go as planed but oh well, at least I got to see my friends…

m2 make up Yay, just managed to do False lashes

m2 twin

My camera died later on. In the last two pics my photoshop started playing up so the brushes aren’t so good :c

You can see me and Twinny have far to go to get to twin gal.


I just ordered 40 false lashes for £3.70 off eBay, some people have mixed views about eBay lashes but I couldn’t resist the price. When I get them (being shipped from Hong Kong) I’ll do a review.

This is the preview picture.


Well anyway that’s it for now!

Clairey xxx


Naka said...

yay for puri kura :D and nice lashes :3

Ami said...

great post twinny can't wait for the eyelashes

Thanh Thao said...

Waa, great post!! I love looking at fotos where people have fun! :-)

You and Twinny look so adorable in the last one!

Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

Looked like a fun day, and the lashes look cute. ^^

lil_budoy said...

looks like u had fun! i love this post! so fun and cute! the false lashes looks really cute. and the pink blouse makes u look feminine!

Alanna said...

Oh bargain lashes:D I like ebay lashes,there good for trying out styles :)

Ahh summers the best,love the beach:D Sounds like your having lots of fun:)

さらまり said...

Oh your photos are so nice! I think the purikura things you added to them make them especially cute^^

I think those eyelashes will look great on you, I hope you will post photos soon^^

Ain Parfait said...

Looks like fun!! OOoo photoshop purikura!! So much cheaper and youg et more time than from a machine lmfao!!


Vicki said...

Love your hair colour!!! its amazing!! :) x

Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

Aww sweet post, that pic of you and your sis is just too cute!


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