Thursday, 15 July 2010

Music love and more…

Hey girlies,

Sorry for not posting sooner just been a very stressful week. Mum and Dad have been gone away, stressful things with collage and also I started using Clearasil a spot removing brand. It was a facial wash and I had been using it correctly twice a day etc and I have a break out of spots… WTH!!!! >_< should of kept to simple brand clairey… *weird ghost noises*  Floating_Ghost_by_Einnod

Anyway, this is kinda going to be a long post cause I’ve got a lot to mention now. But on to the main bit.


I saw this post by one of the bloggers I follow so I though I’d copy it. (If you are that blogger just comment and I’ll credit you!) I thought it will be fun for me to show you songs I love right now and maybe you can suggest some too!

Ellie Goulding – Guns and Horses

I’m loving this girl at the moment! I’m actually listening to her whilst I blog.  Give it a try you might like it ♥

Wonder girls – So Hot.

I seriously don’t know why it took me so long to find Wonder Girls, I like them so far. Can you suggest any songs?


Wow, I have gotten even more followers, thank you so much! I’ve looked at the poll results so far (top left corner) and those who have voted so far all want me to post Galspiration two times a week, but I’m afraid that Galspiration will just take over my blog completely!

I’ll leave the poll up for another week and then make a decision. I don’t actually think I’ve done a proper introduction post. (I know there’s the little about me section on the right but its not that much) so it shall be on my blogging list!

Well I think that’s it…

Tell me what music your loving at the moment ♥




Tori said...

Skin problems are the worst ;o;
Hope things get better for you soon, bb *hug*

Pony said...

I think everyone voted for 2 times a week because you can never have enough inspiration! But once a week is awesome too~

Wonder Girls are really good! I like 'Tell Me' (their biggest hit, I guess), but also their less known song 'Bad Boy'. And they recently released a new single '2 Different Tears'~

I've also used Clearasil, and it really didn't work for me. Some friends of mine have also said that, so I'm not sure about that brand. But my skin is also problematic no matter what I use. x-x

Naka said...

Clearasil has never worked for me :(

Anonymous said...

Clearasil was never good for my skin either :( booo

Personally I think Tumblr is a great place to post Galspiration :D
You could incorporate to yourself more on here if you like posted you attempting the style/items that inspired you?

Koneko said...

I nominated you for a blog award!

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