Sunday, 4 July 2010

Galspiration 4#

Another addition of my weekly feature of galspiration. It’s a collection of gyaru picture for inspiration. For this week I’m doing a mix match of pictures.

I’ve also re dyed my hair blonde to even it out more. It good.


hair I just love Yumachi’s new hair!

eyesI love these false lashes, I’ve ordered some just like them. 

outfitOutfit inspiration, I so want the dungaree shorts!

Well that’s it for this week. If anyone knows any high street shops that have done the short dungaree’s.

Clairey xxx


Thanh Thao said...

Great inspiration! :-))
She is very pretty! :-)

Naka said...

tehe i want some dungree shorts too!! maybe a bit longer thans hers in the photo though XD

さらまり said...

Yumachi's hair is indeed so cute, I love the pink and blond!

The romper is cute too, but I don't want to imagine my body in that haha!

Viv said...

love it! she looks beautiful, definitely couldn't pull it off myself

priincess said...

Yumachi is stunning! her make-up looks so good! I want to try it out for myself! it's quite inspirational! : )

HANA said...

Love your galinspiration many fun pictures of gals!

Linking this on my Weekly Wrapup!

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