Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Sorry! >_<



I’m really sorry for not updating  my blog in a long while or commenting on your cute blogs! I’ve been having a lot of personal problems recently and thought that I shouldn’t shower my blog with all my woe’s and problems. This is a cute blog ♥

I know I’ve missed out on my galspiration posts and I’m sorry! Oh, and yes I am going to be doing them twice a week now.

This isn’t marking my full return yet, I shall be returning soon but I thought I could give you a little update, I have went back to brown (for hair) and it looks like I have some blonde highlights cute~! And I’m learning Japanese from a DS game. It’s a kids game but I am beginning!

Oh and I’ve heard the leading UK’s gal circle Hib has stopped. It’s so sad, your all amazing girls and I’ve learnt much from you. Even though we met up once you were all awesome and friendly! Thank you!!!

I’ll try get round to everyone’s blog and leave a little love ♥



Anonymous said...

Hope things get better soon chick!! :D

Tori said...

Awe, I hope things work out for you soon! *hug*
That is so sad about Hibiscgyaru ending... Maybe another gal cir will pop up in the UK soon?

さらまり said...

Oh I think everyone understands how life gets sometimes, you don't need to say sorry at all! I'm always just happy when you blog, so you just write when you have the time/energy ^3^/

I hope to see a pic of your new hair soon, it sounds really cute!

Thanh Thao タンタオ said...


I was worrying so much, Naka told me you had some problems! I was wondering if I had better wrote you an email to make sure you're doing fine! If there is anything I can do to make you feel better, feel free to say so! :-)

Anyway, you don't need to be sorry about anything, I think everybody's got bad times :-)

Hope to hear from you soon again on blogspot! :-))

Sensible Obsessions said...

I hope everything works out for you~♥

Lol, My sister is learning Chinese from a DS game as well I think it is called My Language Teacher but I'm not sure I've also heard that the series has a Japanese version.

Hope to see your cute posts soon!!

Naka said...

i hope u get better soon :3 and thatt japanese game sounds so cute :3 i wish they had it for german and chinese >3<

Sandra - If it comes in pink said...

I hope you will solve your problems soon, take care xoxo :)

Koneko said...

The best game to learn Japanese from for DS is My Japanese Coach

I have it and I learnt a lot. When I went to my tutor he was surprised at how much I knew from just a game!

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