Monday, 28 June 2010

Summer Project ~ Gyaru

Hey lovelies!

I’m sorry about being such a bad blogger recently my creative flow wasn't so good, haha.  I mentioned in a blog before that I have a project for this summer, it’s 3 steps this one being the first.



I absolutely adore gyaru! And so does my twin, I’m so glad she’s into it too as I don’t think there’s any other gyaru’s in my area.  Were getting better and better (Twinnys great at eyeliner) and soon hopefully we’ll get there.

And our plan was to do Twin Gal. Were you match with your friend. We both love the same things anyway!


Start twin gal

Dye hair Blonde

Make usamimi (bunny ear) headbands.

Well that’s it for now, ask me questions via formspring (I have a widget on my side bar) its fun!

Clairey xxx


Vicki said...

the photos from the magazine in your kast post just make me wanna go to Japan!! my sis nearly ended up working there for a year!! but turned it down to do her phd in edinburgh, lol japan sounds more glamourous but least it wont cost as much to visit her in scotand as japan! :)x

Amelie said...

Thats so cool you and your twin like gal and can do it together!! I love the twins Chika and Chie so thats always a plus!!

You are lucky you have someone so close XD!! I have no Gal friends where I live T0T

Naka said...

tehe this make me wanna twin in lolita even more :3

Ran said...

i want to make a usamimi too !!!!

Thanh Thao said...

I wanna see you doing Twin gal, it must be so cool! :-))

I've just finished a letter to you, I'll bring it to the post office tomorrow early, today it's just damn hot here, 34 degrees in Germany...

Anyway, lots of greetings! :-)

Koneko said...


i saw a Japanese girl with usamimi today in leicester square and everyone was like "wtf is that on her head" lol

work it girls!

♥ 熊貓girl ♥ said...

you're so blessed to have a twin :) I always wished I had one ^^

Alanna said...

Aww twin stuff is cute:D I'm too lazy to make usamimi:)good luck with those

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