Sunday, 6 June 2010

Galspiration! 1#

Hey :)

This hopefully shall be my weekly feature of where I post scans or photo shoots of gyaru’s for inspiration for me and you. It shall be fun. Some of the posts shall be themed, like on hair or nails etc.

Hope you like ♥


Romihi make up tut

Click the picture to zoom in ♥

Scan from egg (not sure if it was this months or last) with a make up tut featuring my fave gal model Romihi. I love the pink and purple look and so want to try this out some day!

Click the picture to zoom in ♥

This scan if from popteen featuring model Kumikki. I so love the sailor look right now and she looks too cute in it :)  I think the hat finishes it off nicely.

arisa Kamada
 Click the picture to zoom in ♥

This is my new fave model Arisa Kamada, she models in Ranzuki and is totally adorable! I love her hair in this pic.

Well that’s it for post 1, hope you liked it :)

Clairey xxx


Since I had such a nice anonymous comment ¬.¬ on my old blog. I’m banning them. If you having something to say don’t be a coward and show who you are.


ergyerg said...

I love the dress in the second photo :D xxxx

Ain Parfait said...

I love romihi!!!

Ami said...

I love the eye make-up so much it looks so good and The dress is so cute I love nautical trends

Laura Beth said...

So pretty, Harajuku inspired, love it! Cute page too :)


Sandra - If it comes in pink said...

First pic is really cool, I would like pink hair like that...or a wig maybe;)

pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

her nautical themed dress is so sweet! so nice of you to be scanning these too, thanks heaps :)

Naka said...

love the sailor one and nice photos ^^

About me Aweedee said...

I'm not good at feet~ 6ft is that like 1.82 cm or so? :O Haha then we are about the same height~ I'm around 1.83 cm though~ 6.01ft Haha it's hard to find guys but you know most guys actually think it's sexy~ xD ;))) And we should be proud u know~

I usually dont reply comments like this, I usually answer directly on my posts~

Goosh all those models are so damn pretty~ They look like totally different gals without make up on though~


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