Thursday, 10 June 2010

Theme park fun ♥

Heyy ^-^

Scheduled Post

Last week me and my friends went to LightWaterValley a local theme park. It was soo hot! My camera died on me halfway through so I didn’t get to do much cam whoring  =_=*

DSCF1253 Twinny and friend~

DSCF1256 Group Photo ^-^

DSCF1257 Some of the rides

I don’t know why but it was really warm, though the pictures seem to not show that >.<

A small video :) friend is camera shy hehe~

At light water valley they have the longest rollercoaster in Europe (or something like that) the ultimate. I have huge bruises off that ride. But it’s still fun!

28052010352 My legs look too long in this pic >.< I had a scarf too…

It was a fun day we stayed there literally all day. We ogled at hot guys and I made a new “bezzie”

Clairey xxx


Ami said...

I got ogled at by the ultimite and so did youu claire lol what a funny day I look like a whore on the video

Anonymous said...

hey claire!! u commented on my blog! i'm so glad u did because ur blog is super cute! im looking forward to reading ur posts!!

Naka said...

lovely shorts and tights ^^

Shen said...

It's normally 'my legs look too short', you're lucky to have long legs haha xD

さらまり said...

It looks like a fun place to go. Sorry to hear that your camera died part way through. But you got a great shot of yourself, you look so pretty and your outfit is great!

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