Friday, 4 June 2010

First Post <3

Hey girlies,

It’s Clairey from Candy Hearts. I’m opening a new blog. I felt like my previous one was just too negative, (like I was focusing on the negatives) so I think I should wipe the slate clean and start a new.

Well what’s this blog going to be about, well  my transformation into gal, founding out who I am, life and more. I’m starting collage soon so hopefully things shall get interesting ^-^

I have plans already for my blog like every Sunday I’ll do a galspiration (gal inspiration :D) post to help inspire me and you too.

I might not be able to post much though next week (unless I do scheduled posts) cause I have exams.

Well all I can say is sorry for being a silly girl, I get paranoid sometimes :P

Clairey xxx


Naka said...


Lyren said...

Good luck for your exams!

Anonymous said...

Yay the first post! <3
I wish you good luck in being positive. xD
Sounds very interesting, I'll be following you. ^^

Koneko said...

like the layout!

and im sure this blog will be as fab as the other!

Ami said...

liking the layout new starts are good too!

さらまり said...

Thank you for starting a new blog, I really like the layout! And the posts are really great so far, please keep up the great work^^

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