Thursday, 24 June 2010

Summer Project

Hi gals,

Ugh sorry for not posting in so long. Having a busy week and all. Ahh, I missed Galspiration >_< sorry! I will post two parts for the next one to make up for it!

2663802ewossrywq8 School is finally over and now summer has begun! I think I have about 2-3 months off.  So I decided to do a summer project.

  • Gyaru ~ To learn more about gyaru, try out make up tut’s and to do twin gal with twin
  • Body ~ Tone up body (You gotta loose those pounds girl ._.)
  • Collage ~ This is kinda like my new start, some people who know me know I have had a horrible time with school and hopefully at college it will be a new start.


I’m going to be doing a post on each of my goals, so it will be like a checklist for me. And hopefully you can see my transformation. Geek into gal, or something like that.

I want a gyaru penpal so badly, I even bought cute stationary…

Clairey xxx


Thanh Thao said...

Yay, great to be in the holidays!! I hope you'll spend a nice time! :-))

I really hope you'll find a gyaru penpal soon! I love writing letters myself, so! :-))

Mayn greetings!

Bommiie said...


Good luck on finding a gyaru penpal soon~
On Poupee Girl there are a lot of gyarus try there :3

Anonymous said...

congrats for graduating! find ur gal style and collage is always sooo great! i love it! its ur new start adn i think u'll love it..good luck!!

Naka said...

oh i love cute stationary ^^ and tehe a checklist sounds so cute and helpful :3

Ashley Seow May Quinn said...

hey i'm not really gyaru but i've always wondered how it will be like if i had a penpal =D

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