Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Galspiration 6#!

Hi gals! here is your Wednesday dosage of Galspiration By Ami! Galspiration is Gal inspiration! Click Here for past Galspiration!

(via agehabarbiedoll)



(via agehabarbiedoll)

(via ohyeahgyaru)

This Galspiration post is based on the winter/fall trend with the knits the fur and the Nordic print. I have fell in love with the fur boots and cute fur accessories!!  Love Ami x

This post is a scheduled post.


Tori said...

I love that last photo so much!! I wonder who it is? She really sells the Nordic print to me though, haha XD
That first scan with the fur items is so cute too~

Vicki said...

fab post my dears! one of my fav blogs has just been featured in japanese mag soup.? its on her blog at u should check it out :) x

Naka said...

very cute it reminds me of mori girl slighty too :3

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