Sunday, 29 August 2010

Galspiration 7#

Hey girlies!

This is your Sunday dose of galspiration by Clairey! Galspiration is basically gyaru inspiration ♥ If you want to look at previous galspiration posts click here!




(via ohyeahgyaru)


(via ohyeahgyaru)
the hairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr @_@

(via ohyeahgyaru)

Ok, so this post is kind of personal to me (sorry guys, I’m selfish :D) but hopefully it helps all of you too! So crazy hair colours have become more popular in gyaru recently and I myself have been wanting to dye my hair purple but was worried if it seemed “emo” or whatever.

Can anyone tell me who this model is? x

Love Clairey

This is a scheduled post.


Thanh Thao タンタオ said...

Lovely fotos!! I like the girl in the polka dots shirt coordination! :-)))

Got some time next week to skype?? It'll be fun! :-)) Just mail me and I'm online XD

Nana said...

she's saeko chiba from popteen, isn't she? if i'm not mistaken.

Tori said...

It is Saeko Chiba! ♥ So much love for her omg~
& I say go for it! Hair colour in gal has changed so much, nothing is really off-limits ;D

さらまり said...

Argh, she is so cute, and I love her eye makeup!

Naka said...

i lvoe purple hair ^^

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