Sunday, 29 August 2010

Galspiration 7#

Hey girlies!

This is your Sunday dose of galspiration by Clairey! Galspiration is basically gyaru inspiration ♥ If you want to look at previous galspiration posts click here!




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the hairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr @_@

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Ok, so this post is kind of personal to me (sorry guys, I’m selfish :D) but hopefully it helps all of you too! So crazy hair colours have become more popular in gyaru recently and I myself have been wanting to dye my hair purple but was worried if it seemed “emo” or whatever.

Can anyone tell me who this model is? x

Love Clairey

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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Galspiration 6#!

Hi gals! here is your Wednesday dosage of Galspiration By Ami! Galspiration is Gal inspiration! Click Here for past Galspiration!

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This Galspiration post is based on the winter/fall trend with the knits the fur and the Nordic print. I have fell in love with the fur boots and cute fur accessories!!  Love Ami x

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Sunday, 22 August 2010


Hey my gorgeous peoples!

Oh so glams has reopened!

Finally after a while of being away from blogging I have returned and with a whole new parade with me!

If you read my tweets you might have knew I had planned big things for my blog and I can finally reveal some of them!

  • My lovely Twinny is merging her blog with mine! So you’ll have double the fun on here hopefully, haha ♥
  • My weekly feature Galspiration shall be posted twice a week! I shall be posting on Sundays while twinny shall post on Wednesdays!
  • I have some big interviews planned with western gyaru idols ♥

That’s all I can reveal so far, oh and how can I forget, we will soon be doing an opening giveaway after we go on holiday (2 days!)

We have made some tweaks to the layout, we have a new banner now. Thank you Naka for drawing me and Twinny ♥ Ami coloured it in whilst i did the other graphics~

Now to comment on your lovely blogs.


Clairey xxx


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